Batch Picture Protector 7.0
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Batch Picture Protector 7.0

Add transparent text and image watermarks to your digital photos
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As its name clearly suggests, this program allows you to protect multiple images or photos in batches by adding text/graphic watermarks to them. Batch Picture Protector is especially useful to artists, designers, photographers, caricaturists, and any person who creates proprietary images or digital art by any means and requires to protect his/her work.

The program is characterized by a neat and modern user interface where you can add one or more image files to work with - all common image file formats are supported including JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, WMF, and others. Once your source image(s) are loaded, you can start creating both text and graphic watermarks to protect them. The text option allows you to provide a word/phrase and its font, size, color, background color, position, transparency level and rotation angle. If you want to add a graphic watermark, you will need to provide the graphic or logo file first, and then you can set its position, rotation angle, transparency level, and relative size as well. It's worth mentioning that you can create two or more text/graphic watermarks and combine them into your image(s) - enabling or disabling them is as easy as checking or unchecking their corresponding checkboxes.

Despite its functional interface, Batch Picture Protector's usage may be hard to understand at first. Basically, you can enable or disable the so-called "Batch Mode" which, in turn, enables you to rotate among all your loaded source images to preview the watermark application results, and select the output folder. When Batch Mode is disabled, you can only work on a single image file. Besides, Batch Picture Protector gives you the chance to save your created watermarks as disk files with .wat extension, so you can reuse them later whenever you would like to protect other images.

In conclusion, Batch Picture Protector provides you with a fast and practical way to protect your photos, images or digital creations through the use of the well-known watermarking method. Moreover, no doubt its price is very affordable. Unfortunately, in some specific situations, the program tends to show a pretty unstable behavior, for example when you go through the watermarks list using the navigation buttons and try to reach a place beyond the last one.

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  • Neat and modern interface
  • All common image file formats are supported
  • Allows you to combine two or more watermarks to protect your images
  • Allows you to save your watermarks as disk files
  • Very affordable price


  • Its usage might be a bit hard to understand at first
  • It might show an unstable behavior in some specific situations


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